Hello! I'm Tyler Parker, a creative technologist living in Brooklyn, NY. I currently work for Infographics.com as a Visualization Engineer, which is a super pretentious title that means I handle the code/interactive side of data vis. 

On the side, I develop apps and prototypes pertaining to animation or interactive performance, sometimes as freelance work. Checking out some of my projects or sketches might give one a better idea as to what I mean.

Interested in hiring/collaborating with me? One can contact me with the information provided in my resume. Thanks for stopping by!


illumin-S: 3D Augmented Laser Harp

For Avant Muse, augmented a laser harp setup with a kinect to allow for note modulation. Freelance, developed with openFrameworks.

The E4 Index of Education Strength

An interactive data visualization created for Boston Consulting Group. Through Infographics.com, sole technical implementor, developed with Flash.

A Better World by Design Trailer

A trailer I created for A Better World by Design conference, hosted annually by RISD and Brown. Made with Blender.

The Vulgarians Map Animation

A short map animation made for The Vulgarians documentary, attempting to emulate a combined feel of a trail map with hastily scribbled directions.


Shadow Figures

Designed a real-time platform to remove a performer's shadow and substitute a generated shadow able to move independently of the subject, using an infrared light/camera setup combined with projection mapping.

3D Scanner using Shadow Planes

Using video of a shadow passing over an object, computes the shadow crossing times on a per-pixel basis, estimates the shadow plan equation, and creates a 3D point cloud reconstruction.

Performance Driven Facial Animation

Using Processing, I created a robust (and potentially) realtime facial marker tracking system, and a facial performance capture tool using that system.

Alice Facial Blend Shape and Tweak Rig

An advanced facial rig, using a system of blend shapes combined with a skeletonal tweak rig component. A guide for constructing and using such a rig can be found here.

Maya Painterly Rendering

Implemented a billboard-based Painterly Rendering plugin in Maya. A PDF of the powerpoint presentation can be found here.

Prospect and Meeting

Did the logo design and Ruby on Rails frontend development of the hit Brown University dating site, Prospect and Meeting. Featured in the Brown Alumni Magazine (here), with over 2000 registered users. Sadly, the site is no longer maintained.


Processing Cinemetrics

One of my favorite visualizations of all time is Frederic Brodbeck's Cinemetrics, an awesome project that creates a visual 'fingerprint' of a film by analyzing the color palettes and overall motion in each scene. I decided to implement some of the components of the project in Processing. Writeup here.